Your flight to Dahab
For your holiday in Dahab you can fly to Sharm el Sheikh or Taba, the two nearest airports in Egypt. Sharm el Sheikh is about 90 km of Dahab (1 hour), Taba lies a little further, about 135 km and approximately 2 hours drive. Since Sharm el Sheikh a busier (tourists) airport, you can often take the most flexible and least expensive flights. However, it may be useful to divert to Taba if you want to fly on a different date.

There are several airlines serving these airports, the links to their websites are on the link page.

If you want the Dutch (Schiphol) easies operation with no fuss, then Transavia is recommended. Usually you pay around 350 euros for a ticket. However, the schoolholiday period can easily double that. Transavia flies on Tuesday, depending on the season on Friday. Sometimes you can not directly book the Friday through the Transavia website but through the call center or through a travel agency.

Arkefly also flies from Schiphol Airport on Tuesday and Saturday, usually at slightly higher prices than Transavia and services we think a little less. However, they have comfort class for a few bucks more and you have extra legspace and 30 kilos luggage instead of the standard 20 kg.

From Brussels you fly easily with Jetairfly or Thomas Cook. Especially for people from southern Netherlands or Belgium that could be interesting. Brussels airport is not as big and massive as the airport and parking there is often more affordable, especially with discounts. Jetairfly is a relatively low cost airline, especially if you book in advance a little away from school holidays and when you’re not stuck on a certain date. Then you can book tickets from around 175 euros.